30k Twitter Followers Later

May 8th 2015 | 606 words


Why I'm shifting my social media focus to Facebook after 30.000 Twitter followers in 2 years

I love Twitter. It's a perfect platform for keeping in touch with friends in the industry or getting quick feedback. But Twitter fails at what I want to do next with my online identity.

How I got there

A really simple story. In my spare time I would make tiny PSD files and give them away on my freebie site, I also made some cool mockups and people downloaded my free files over 1 million times! So where does Twitter tie in? Well after a file download I put a tiny popup window on my site that said "Hey thanks for the download! Now go follow me on twitter, it's the least you could do for a super awesome free file :)". Yes the smiley face was included in the message, it worked like wildfire! And here's a graph showing how my following scaled in the past 4 years.


And then I stopped doing that. Why? I just felt like I was being dishonest to my community, I felt like I wasn't really sharing what I wanted to share with the world so I removed that button and the graph steadily stopped climbing.

Lesson of the story? Share good content and put a social button on your site only after you made someone really happy! Like this -> :)

Changing my voice

So for the past 4 years I was a CTO for a startup in LA. I lived there most of that time and recently I quit the company to go and live in Europe. Why? I'm a simple guy that really likes the simple things in life. Simple, except that it wasn't. LA has a certain type of lifestyle that goes along with it. Not that you have to give in to it but sadly I did. So after 4 years of that I looked back and realised that I got to experience a lot and took the good from what I learned. And I really want to share that with people starting out in the web industry. I want to share some of my experiences and maybe someone can learn from them.

Finding the right medium

So I've been patiently looking at how my girlfriend Martina (she's a successful makeup artist) manages her social media. She really doesn't! On Facebook she behaves the way she does in real life. And that was a big lesson. You can't expect to share your story in 140 characters so naturally Twitter never really fit my need for sharing what I wanted to share, I was just too lazy to focus more on it and really try. So in the future I still plan to use Twitter for quick feedback collection or sharing short thoughts but I'll be moving the most of my efforts to Facebook and my personal blog. Facebook is here to stay and it really is your homepage for the world and I want to become a tiny part of your feed, that shows a glimpse into how my life as a traveling designer and developer looks like. I switched my social links a month ago month and I managed to get 1.000 people interested in what I have to say so far, and for now I really like the level of interaction on Facebook more than Twitter.

What's your favourite

I'd love to know how you use Twitter or Facebook and what do you use the most for what purpose? Maybe I'm just not seeing things right and someone needs to correct me :)