Back To My Roots

Oct 31st 2022

Well, this can only start by me saying that I lost my track in the past few years. I did a lot of fun stuff, don't get me wrong. But it was always under conditions that nurtured the logical and methodical part of my brain. I didn't feed my creative child as well as I should have. And being a designer in my core that was hard to take, to move away from something you know you love. And move into more and more stuff you don't really like that much.

So I'm really happy to announce that I've joined the team at kamino.si as Creative Director, yay! I wouldn't even consider in getting involved in the "startup" ecosystem again. But Kamino is different, that's why this post has to be written. I've joined a team of amazing mobile app developers and a small, but fierce management team with their hearts in the right place. A very rare combination in my experience. So why leave the freedom of being a freelance creative?

Well, it has to do with some basic human instincts. I feel this deep need to combine and mesh my ideas with other like minded people. I've tried the lone wolf thing, get's really rough after a bit... It's good to be a part of a hive or collective, and feel like you can add value to others and others around you can add value to you and your work.

So that's it! Watch this space in the next few months, I can't wait to show you some more of our work and really let my creativity roam free, then marry it with the monster development skillset and management team here at kamino.si!

In the meantime check us out here: kamino.si

(*the website refresh was my first project here so hope you dig it as much as we do!)