Slush 2015 Live Blog

Oct 31st 2022

So Slush is coming up in a couple of days! I'll start live blogging my experience of Slush in Helsinki this Monday! Let's hope Slush holds up to it's name as one of the best tech conferences around.

Oh, and you'll want to see what I've been up to these past 6 months. Stay tuned!

Day #2 Update (November 10th)
Slush is starting tomorrow so today I got to attend Founders Day. After picking up my ticket I got a free metro card for the Slush conference days, pretty nice people treatment skills there! I also got to listen in to some wisdom about presenting on stage and learn some tips and tricks from Finnish VC people. I'll post more live stuff tomorrow, so today it's just a recap from me. And now for some late night coding.

Day #1 Update (November 9th)
First day on my way to Slush 2015. Started the day at 4AM, flew to Frankfurt and then got to see that Lufthansa pretty much canceled all flights to anywhere... Luckily I knew they were on strike so I scored an awesome deal with Finnair, and had the best flight of my life. And I do fly a lot! Brand spanking new Airbus A350, amazing service, and even nicer staff. Finnair you get 5 stars from me. I also watched Amy on the flight if you care, like at all. When I got to Helsinki I met up with my coworker and made some #awesomesauce pasta. Not much going on for day #1, but stay tuned tomorrow. I'm going to go meet some pretty rad game developers and have a chat.