The Punkt MP01 Review

Oct 31st 2022

After six months of switching from a smart phone to a "dumb" phone, I thought this review would help a lot of people deciding if they should make the switch.

The first thing I want to point out, I don't think that the Punkt MP-01 is a dumb phone. I think it's an honest phone. Up, down, select, talk, listen. It's that simple! As far as functionality it does not really offer much, but it also does not claim that it does. Text messages, a phonebook, a simple calendar, reminders, and an alarm... Oh! It also pairs with bluetooth headsets. The battery lasts between a week to two depending on usage, but it is something to get used to. You really do forget about charging your phone daily and stop thinking about "am I going to have enough battery to last untill tonight?". Even when it dips down to red and alerts you about the low battery status, you still have a full day left to plug it in! Amazeballs.

But taking a step away from the specs, this phone aims to do something different. It's not for everyone, but I think everyone should at least try it. Going to get a cup of coffee? You'll quickly realize that without a smart phone you're kind of cut off. Cut off from the never ending stream of information that is the internet. And the Punkt does something amazing here. It makes you talk to people. It forces you to reconnect. Let me share the most important thing this phone has done for me!

After closing your Macbook you're done. No email, no push notifications, no nonsense. Waiting for friends to show up switches from scrolling thorough never ending selfies, opinions, and food pictures into calling up friends. When is the last time you had 5 minutes and called up a friend just to say what's up? I do it on a daily basis now, never did it before. And that's why I'll never go back to a smart phone. I like talking to people more than I do looking at their photos.

So a final thought? The Punkt bought me time! A lot of time, I got hours from my day back, and now I use it to reconnect with people, talk more, and stress less. If you're a minimalist by soul buy it. It's going to do wonders for you as it did for me!

Punkt MP01 Official website

PS: I had a small issue with my first punkt, and I contacted customer support, I got a new one in the mail two days later, no questions asked. Amazing customer support. Just amazing.